Wine & Hard Cider Tasting

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Featuring…Our Wine and Hard Cider Tasting Room!

The Cellars of Royal Farms utilizes the fresh fruits of the season right off the farm for wine and cider making.

Come, Sip, Stay! Enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the wine garden or the tasting room sipping on wine or a hard cider flight!


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Rex-Beach is our house red. It is a medium bodied classic and elegant dry dinner wine. Black pepper aromas with light wild berry notes underneath. This wine is similar to Pinot Noir with some tart cherry flavors and more pepper on the palette. Light oaks add some smoke and cedar tones.

Antrim Creek is a full-bodied dry white wine with aromas of honeysuckle & apple. A blend of Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, and Gewurztraminer, this wine has a long elegant finish.

Sassy Apple is made from our Honeycrisp apples. The initial taste might deceive you as a more traditional white wine but then you will start to taste the apple. It is a bit fruity semi-sweet wine. Three batches of wine were made then blended to create complexity.

Breezeway is our house white wine. It is a semi-sweet cocktail style wine. Very smooth and easy. It has some flavors of citrus, grapefruit namely and aromas similar to sauvignon blanc. Drink it with anything. Image

Brassy Balaton Sold Out is a cherry wine made from Balaton cherries, originally a Hungarian cherry: it is premium cherry that is smoother than the more traditional tart cherries.

Cheeky Cherry is a cherry wine made from a combination of Norther Michigan’s most popular tart cherries. Slightly spicy, slightly sassy!

IMG_0859Sweet Summer is a sweet cherry wine made from black sweet cherries. This is a true taste of summer, like the fruit was just plucked from the tree.


On Tap: Hand-Picked (apple), Hard-Red (cherry-apple), Green Apple, Pink Bikini & Summer Crush made from a variety of antique and uncommon cider apples, these carbonated beverages are fantastic!


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